After Breakfast, visit to Chenghuang Pavilion, located on the top of the Wu Hill in Hangzhou, Chenghuang Pavilion is an optimum spot for people to get a bird eye view of Hangzhou. It is an important part of the West Lake Resort and a showplace for the splendid history, culture and folk customs of Hangzhou. Continue to Qinghe Lane, the street is the only well-preserved part of the ancient city. As a miniature of the city's long history, it is the best place to embody the historical and cultural character of Hangzhou. After lunch visit Xixi National Wetland Park ( include eco car & cruise tour ) it’s famous because of movie “ If You Are the One ” . It is the first and only wetland park in China combining urban life, farming and culture. After dinner you will be taken to the airport and going back Kuala Lumpur by flight.