After Breakfast, visit Mt Longhu Scenic Area also called Dragon and Tiger Mountain. It is the No. 8 World Natural Heritage in China, the world geological park, national natural and cultural heritage site, National AAAAA scenic spot , national forest park and the national key cultural relics protection unit. It is also the birthplace of Taoism in China. Especially the Tianshi Mansion. The traditional architectural styles, the delicate decorations with the red paint and so on bring the great honor to this mountain. Then the Shangqing Ancient Town, It gets fame not only by its unique historic sites but also by its long history of Taoism and simple and kind folk custom. After Lunch Fairy Water Rock Cruise Tour, consisting of 24 rock peaks, the Fairy Water Rock has numerous hang coffin groups scattered in caves on the precipitous crags. These cave tombs can be traced back to 2,600 year ago, leaving behind many enigmas to be exposed.Then visit the Hanging coffins were people believed the higher they are the more fortunate for the dead". That is why they chose to rest their bodies on the cliffs with the mountains and rivers around, all peaceful, beautiful and quiet. After dinner transfer to check in hotel.