B / L / D

After breakfast we enter Yading Scenic Area (Include Eco Car Ride, but horse ride is no t include ) for the second time . Proceed to Pearl Lake, it believed to be the cosmetic mirror of fairies, is an excellent spot to admire the mountain. On sunny days, you can see the reflection of Mt. Chenrezig on the lake surface. Then Pass by Mt. Chanadorje (5898 meters) also known as “ Xianuoduoji ” rises against the skyline. As high as Mt. Jambeyang, it is in the shape of a triangular pyramid, grand and precipitous, just like a handsome young man.Continue to pass by the Mt. Chenrezig (Xiannairi), with an altitude of 19,790 feet (6,032 meters), it’s the highest peak in Daocheng County. The whole peak takes the shape of an honorable Buddha who is leaning back. The Buddha, often regarded as the Bodhisattva of Mercy, sits in a lotus seat, with a giant pagoda in her arms. When the sun shines, the whole mountain is draped in a veil of golden light, presenting a really magnificent view. After dinner transfer to check in hotel.