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After breakfast, departure to Beijing's oldest & longest in North China's ancient stone bridge - Lugouqiao also known as Yongding Bridge. Folk circulated that the lion head on the bridge is countless. the bridge on both sides of the stone guardrail each have 140 column, the existing 501 columnar head are carved different shapes stone lions . After that, proceed to Wanping City located on the east of the protection zone of the Lugou Bridge. It’s belonging to the national key cultural relics protection unit & was the first shot fired by the Chinese people in the war of resistance against Japan. Visit the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, the construction of the memorial was listed as the national key construction project of the 75 Years Plan by Deng Xiaoping inscription. The museum displayed a Marco Polo Bridge Incident themed Half-landscape painting which is the 1st in China. By combine oil painting , physical model & technology It allows the audience to feel the events in the battlefield in realife . Then we experience the charm of old Beijing with Tricycle alley tour. Siheyuan home visits, also known as Sihefang, is a traditional Chinese-style courtyard buildings, the pattern of a courtyard built around the house, usually from the main room, east and west wing and the back-up room from the four sides of the courtyard Enclosed in the middle, hence the name Siheyuan.

Hotel: He Mei Hui Tong International Hotel or similar (Local 5stars hotel)