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8/9天 稻城亚丁
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    No. Package Departure Price RM Status
    1 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 10-07-2020 4288 AVAILABLE
    2 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 08-08-2020 4388 AVAILABLE
    3 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 18-10-2020 4688 AVAILABLE
    4 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 23-10-2020 4688 AVAILABLE
    5 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 09-05-2021 4388 AVAILABLE
    6 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 13-05-2021 4488 AVAILABLE
    7 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 16-05-2021 4288 AVAILABLE
    8 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 21-05-2021 4188 AVAILABLE
    9 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 22-05-2021 4188 AVAILABLE
    10 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 23-05-2021 4188 AVAILABLE
    11 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 28-05-2021 4188 AVAILABLE
    12 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 05-06-2021 4288 AVAILABLE
    13 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 18-06-2021 4188 AVAILABLE
    14 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 19-06-2021 4188 AVAILABLE
    15 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 20-06-2021 4188 AVAILABLE
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    **The Itinerary are subject to the final discretion of the local land  operator.**
    **If a place of visit is closed to visitors, it will be replaced with an alternative.**
    **During major events/trade shows/peak season, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned.**  
  • General Info


    1. Luggage - Kindly make sure luggage is properly tagged with luggage tag for easy identification. Each passenger is only allowed to take one piece of checked baggage, not exceeding 20KG.

    2.  Airlines in Malaysia will enforce the “One passenger one piece of hand luggage” rule for all flight have to measure 56cmx36cmx23cm in size not exceed 7KG.

    3. Liquids, gels and aerosols are only allowed in individual containers of 100ml. All containers must fit comfortably in one, transparent, re-sealable bag no larger than 20cmx20cm (eg a freezer bag).

    *Note :

    - Lithium batteries like power bank or portable battery charger as well as electronic cigarettes must place in carry-on baggage.

    - Cathay Pacific has banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones on all flights.  


    There is no time difference between China and Malaysia


    1.Now is Spring, jacket and umbrella are advisable when on tour, generally countries are carefree. All tourists are recommended to wear casual, smart and comfortable outfit.

    2.Lip balm, lotions, sunblock are highly recommended.

    3. A neck bag for your money, tickets and passport. Keep this inside your clothes.


    Electricity supplied throughout China at 220 volts with power outlets of 2 round pin. If necessary please bring along a multiple plug.


    You can use your mobile phone anywhere in Chna. Before traveling, check with your network provider that your phone is enabled for international roaming.


    100 Chinese Renminbi (CNY) = RM 63.00


    Major cards such as American express, Diners Club, Discovery, Visa, Master Card are accepted. Check with your credit or debit card company for details of merchant acceptability and other services which may be available.


    Though tipping is not a must but is already a practice. It is always nice gesture to tip your Local Guide, Motor-coach Driver and Tour Manager for their kind services rendered.


    *Note :

    1. Travel Insurance- suggest to insured with a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

    2. Film and Digital Camera Memories Card – Advise to purchase in Malaysia, it’s more expensive in Europe.

    3. It is recommended to bring along calculator for convenience.

    4. Passport 06 months validity.