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Airlines used & Luggage Allowance
Air Asia (20kg)

Hotel information:
Luxuxy Resort: OBLU Xperience AiLafushi Maldives Resort

Meals arrangement:
3 Breakfast, 3 Lunches, 3 Dinners 

Price Inclusions:
- All In (meals, accommodations, transfer, attractions, flights, taxes) as per stated in itinerary.
- Tour Leader / Manager services & tipping etc (if applicable)

Price Exclusions:
- Travel Insurance, porterage charges, Activities not mentioned in itinerary.

Remarks / Important Things to note:
Group Tour are based on English Speaking Local Guide.

** The Itinerary are subject to the final discretion of the local land operator. **
** If a place of visit is closed to visitors, it will be replaced with an alternative. **
** During major events / trade shows / peak season, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned. **  

Time Difference:
Malaysia is 3 hours ahead of Maldives 

Clothing & Packing (Things to Bring):
- Sunblock, Umbrella, Lip Balm, Lotion, Toiletries etc.
- Complimentary toiletries including shampoo & conditioner, body wash, and small dental kits are provided. But still recommend bring by your own.

Currency Rate:
100 Maldivian Rufiyaa = MYR 29 

Tipping & Average Costs:
Tipping is not compulsory, but it is always a kind gesture to tip your local guide, coach driver & tour leader for their nice service, as a token of appreciation.

Credit Cards:
Visa and Mastercard are widely acceptable, and some even accept American Express. Kindly check with credit/debit card’s company for more details of merchant acceptability.

Voltage & Power Socket:
- 230V,  50Hz
- Power plugs and sockets are of type D and G.

Duty Free / VAT:
Maldives' main VAT rate is 6%. Your total gross purchase amounts will be summed and rounded to the nearest Rufiyaa. From this total, the total amount of VAT refund will be calculated, based on the 6% standard VAT rate in Maldives. For example: 

€100 euros spent (incl. 6% VAT) = €94.00 base price + €6.00 VAT paid 

In this example, you would receive an approximate tax refund amount of €6 on a total of €100 in purchases. As you can see, VAT refunds can be quite significant in Maldives, especially if you're doing alot of shopping.

Passport Validity & Visa:
Please check your passport (with a validity of at least 6 month from the date of your departure) before leaving for the tour.

Luggage Allowance:
- Each passenger is only allowed to take one piece of checked baggage, not exceeding 20KG.
- Airline in Malaysia will enforce the “One passenger one piece of hand luggage” rule for all flights have to measure 56cmX36cmX23cm in size not exceeding 7KG

Travel Insurance:
- Travelers are strongly advisable to be insured when travel, contact your Sales Agents to get yourself covered with a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy.

Other things to note:
- Please check your Income Tax status and clear any arrears to avoid unnecessary loss of time and money at
- Lithium batteries like power bank or portable battery charger as well as electronic cigarettes must place in carry-on baggage.
- Airline has banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones on all flights.  
- Liquids, gels and aerosols are only allowed in individual containers of 100ml. All containers must fit comfortably in one, transparent, re-sealable bag no larger than 20cmx20cm (eg a freezer bag).