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8/9天 稻城亚丁
  • Overview

    No. Package Departure Price RM Status
    1 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 09-05-2021 4188 AVAILABLE
    2 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 13-05-2021 4288 AVAILABLE
    3 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 16-05-2021 4088 AVAILABLE
    4 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 21-05-2021 3988 AVAILABLE
    5 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 22-05-2021 3988 AVAILABLE
    6 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 23-05-2021 3988 AVAILABLE
    7 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 28-05-2021 3988 AVAILABLE
    8 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 05-06-2021 4088 AVAILABLE
    9 9D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 18-06-2021 3988 AVAILABLE
    10 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 19-06-2021 3988 AVAILABLE
    11 8D7N DAO CHENG YA DING -- Detail 20-06-2021 3988 AVAILABLE
  • Daily Itinerary

    • DAY 1


      吉隆坡 / 成都
      << more detail
    • DAY 2


      成都 / 四姑娘山 / 丹巴
      << more detail
    • DAY 3


      丹巴 / 雅江
      << more detail
    • DAY 4


      雅江 / 理塘 / 日瓦
      << more detail
    • DAY 5


      日瓦 / 稻城
      << more detail
    • DAY 6


      稻城 / 康定
      << more detail
    • DAY 7


      康定 / 成都
      << more detail
    • DAY 8


      成都 / 吉隆坡
      << more detail
  • Note

    Airlines used & Luggage Allowance
    Air Asia (20kg)

    Hotel information:
    - 5 Nights 4 star, local star rating 
    - 2 Nights 5 star, local star rating

    Meals arrangement:
    Breakfast at hotel, per meal with 9 dishes +  1 soup + fruit or dessert + 1 traditional cuisine + 1 steamboat cuisine. 7 Lunch + 7 Dinner include. 

    Price Inclusions:
    - All In (meals, accommodations, transfer, attractions, flights, taxes) as per stated in itinerary.
    - Tour Leader / Manager services & tipping etc (if applicable)

    Price Exclusions:
    - Travel Insurance, porterage charges, Activities not mentioned in itinerary.
    - Price Exclude Itinerary Optional Item Fees + China Visa + Own Exepense.
    - Jiaju Tibetan Village + Mugecuo Scenic Area + IFS Tower + Wide & Narrow Alley + Daocheng Tianjie Yading Show.

    Remarks / Important Things to note:
    - Tour are conducted by Chinese Speaking Guide.
    - We reserve the right of Tour Itinerary, Meals, Accommodations to replace due to any reason of Irresistible.

    ** The Itinerary are subject to the final discretion of the local land operator. **
    ** If a place of visit is closed to visitors, it will be replaced with an alternative. **
    ** During major events / trade shows / peak season, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned. **  
  • General Info

    Time Difference:
    No Time different with Malaysia .

    Weather & Seasons:

    Clothing & Packing (Things to Bring):
    - Spring: Scarf, Winter coat, Umbrella, Lip balm, Lotion
    - Summer: Sunblock, Lip balm, Summer outfit
    - Autumn: Umbrella, Jacket, Lip balm, hat
    - Winter: Scarf, Winter coat, Lip balm, Lotion, Winter gloves, Umbrella
    - Due to enviromentally-friendly issue, most of the hotel in China do not provide toiletries. Please prepare such as sunblock, sunglasses, lip balm, toiletries, cap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. Remember to bring along bath towel as well.

    Currency Rate:
    RM 1 = RMB 1.50

    Tipping & Average Costs:
    Tipping is not compulsory. It is always a kind gesture to tip your Local Guide, Coach Driver & Tour Leader for their nice services, as a token of appreciation.

    Credit Cards:
    Not all shop able to use credit card, prefer Cash, Ali pay, Wechat pay.

    Voltage & Power Socket:
    - 220 V
    - Please ready your own adaptor, suitable for china use

    Duty Free / VAT:
    Minimum Shopping Limits : 500 RMB

    Passport Validity & Visa:
    - Please check your passport (with a validity of at least 6 month from the date of your departure) before leaving for the tour.

    Luggage Allowance:
    - Each passenger is only allowed to take one piece of checked baggage, not exceeding 20KG.
    - Air Asia only allowed one cabin bag (must not exceed 56cmX36cmX23cm) and one small bag (must not exceed 40cmX30cmX10cm) carry on board-The total permitted weight for two (2) pieces must not exceed 7kg.

    Travel Insurance:
    Travelers are strongly advisable to be insured when travel, contact your Sales Agents to get yourself covered with a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy.

    Other things to note:
    - Please check your Income Tax status and clear any arrears to avoid unnecessary loss of time and money at
    - Lithium batteries like power bank or portable battery charger as well as electronic cigarettes must place in carry-on baggage. (Reminder: Power bank over 10000 mh are not able to get in china, maybe will confiscate by china custom, please bear on your own risk, and no suggest to take over 10000 mh).
    - Airline has banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones on all flights.  
    - Liquids, gels and aerosols are only allowed in individual containers of 100ml. All containers must fit comfortably in one, transparent, re-sealable bag no larger than 20cmx20cm (eg a freezer bag).

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