B / L / D

After breakfast transfer to Wuzhen visit Hundred Room Mansion, The main items on display include Miss Bed, Double-Dragon Bed with Flower-Carved Shelf, Double-Happiness Bed, and Red Wood-Carving Bed with Mirror and so on. These beds boast the elaborative carving, luxurious decoration, unique style and the excellent design. Continue to visit Three hundred years old liquor workshop, Traditional cloth drying house. Continue transfer to Hangzhou to visit Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum, built over the remains of the Jiaotanxia Official Kiln it is the first of its kind to display pottery and porcelain. Xihu Xintiandi, a leisure destination embracing the deep history and culture of the city of Hangzhou. Combin- ing the superlative natural beauty with modern living elements, Xihu Tiandi has become a brand new landmark in Hangzhou, where boutiques sell international brands, up-market restaurants serve a variety of local flavors and bars fill the area; it’s a blend of nature and fashion. Orioles Singing in the Willows, the largest imperial garden called the Landscape Gathering Garden in the Southern Song Dynasty.